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Some of the performers include Betty Page, Tempest Storm, Chris La Chris, Twinnie Wallen, and female impersonator Vicki Lynn (which includes her "reveal" upon act end).

Peppe & Roccio return from "Varietease" with the exact same dance clip pasted in. Tenant (1976): Roman Polanski directs and stars in this psychological thriller as a man who rents an apartment in France where the previous female tenant, Simone, committed suicide. American novelist Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) is stalked by a serial killer when he arrives in Rome.

TR:3.2 Teaserama (1955): An interesting collection of dance/striptease acts interspersed with bad burlesque comedy bits and "hosted" by Betty Page.

One of those members is Frederic (Vincent Perez), who is now a pre-op transsexual and goes by the name of Viviane.

It's not quite clear her connection with the deceased (possibly in part due to the subtitles).

Definitely tame by todays standards (you never get past pasties), but interesting for Betty Page fans. He begins to suspect his landlord and neighbors are trying to subtly change him into Simone so that he too will kill himself. Flashes to his early adult life feature the beautiful Eva Robins.

The special features include a recent (2008) interview with Eva. TR:3.5 Tenue De Soiree (1986): Gerard Depardieu plays a bisexual petty criminal who encounters a married couple (Michel Blanc, Miou-Miou).

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