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Kate Winslet's character Iris doesn't love herself enough to have a man who loves her back. Well, it probably is dangerous for him, because all the girls on set are foaming at the mouth [she does her best panting impression] but I'm proud of them. She is a kooky version certainly of our perceived take on "normal", but shares with Winslet a lack of any sort of starry façade. I think we're all exactly where we're at exactly when and where we're supposed to be.And Amanda is capable of it, but hasn't dedicated enough of herself. He was so open and easy to connect with." Diaz clocks my raised eyebrows, and laughs hard. Does she believe in fate, something the film certainly posits? To me, it's just easier to surrender to that, and let things happen.

"Cameron is the least argumentative actor I've ever worked with. But she came up to me one day and said, 'I don't know about this line [of Amanda's] that no one has time for sex.I don't want people to think it's OK to be in a relationship when you're not having those kinds of relations with the person. It was just hard for me to say the line, but as you'll see, Amanda changes her mind about that." Diaz's "healthy" relationship with Timberlake has lasted four and a half years now, despite their fame, and her being almost nine years older.And despite rampant stories about Timberlake's having proposed, the pair remain happily unwed.He told me rather dourly that drinking margaritas by the pool was not a "productive" use of his time.Many actors of Cage's generation and Diaz's (she is still only 34) live to work.

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In September, the Los Angeles Times asked Leonardo Di Caprio if he was having fun in his career. Because Diaz would not hesitate to answer the same question in the affirmative.