Castle rock accommodating iol

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Castle rock accommodating iol

Our kindly caretaker, Lars Wellsjö, promised to see to it that the proposal reached Bethlehem one and a half months in advance. The votes were in and a unanimous jury had awarded me first prize!

I came to realise how easily the project could be toppled by collisions of strongly held opinions and decided from then on to stick to the award-winning entry’s chartered course.I did not want to start off by appearing quarrelsome so I redrew the house.The result was more or less a mirrored version of the original plan with minor changes.I remember especially Göran Tannerfelt, CEO of SIDA(Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) who supported me unflinchingly and also Sten Lööf, SIDA’s project manager, who saw to it that the project’s funds were used correctly and that everything went according to plan and on time, even though we did not always see eye-to-eye on things. Gotland in the Summer of 2012Snorre Lindquist Chapter 1 A beautiful morning in early summer of 1997 when I was on my way to work in the Old Town of Stockholm, I met my colleague Alexis Pontvik.I would also like to thank my friend Lasse Wilhelmson for his untiring encouragement, help and good advice that have made my story possible. He had assembled the programme that would launch a competition for architects, involving a square and a culture centre opposite Bethlehem’s Nativity Church. But my wife and I were going away on holiday in three weeks time so I had not even considered taking part. ” asked Alexis “It ought to be right up your street”.

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