Dating differences in france

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In France, everyone you know and meet in a social, friendly context gets kissed on the cheek. In 2011, France infamously banned the full-veiled face covering worn by some Muslim women, describing it as an "affront to society's values." In 2004, France banned all religious paraphernalia in schools including crosses, kippas, hijabs and similar religious wear.What may be surprising is that the vast majority (80%) of the French approved of these bans, seeing it as an important step towards the collective community.Women, especially in Paris, tend not to wear jeans and are not likely to be caught in sweats either - unless they are making a fashion statement.

As a comparison, the French Ministry of Culture spends around ten billion dollars per year promoting the arts, whereas America's National Endowment for the Arts spends a little more than 6 million.Their job is to preserve all things pertaining to the French language and they are regarded as 'official' in their rulings on all things French.They actively discourage the Anglicization of the French language, often suggesting that 'loan' words, such as email, be replaced with French counterparts (such as The French are much more formal in day-to-day actions than are Americans.This is seen in everything from the way greetings occur, to proper etiquette in a restaurant or store. For example, it's never appropriate to use In America, most people tend to greet with a handshake, or a friendly hug.A kiss on the cheek is reserved for someone you know well such as a parent or grandparent or close family friend.

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It's not just that France promotes the arts - it's more that the entire culture appreciates the fine arts and reveres France as the birthplace of many world-renowned artists.

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