Fileplanet no longer updating

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Fileplanet no longer updating

The game world is developed continuously, through the release of important updates (referred to as "Generations" and "Seasons") that introduce new areas, additional features such as pets and new skills, and advancement of the storyline.

The shaft is made from graphite to make it very flexible and extremely light.

However, in September 2009, they had announced that, even though the development was finished, the release of the console version has been indefinitely suspended after evaluations of the game through their business decisions.

The player is not limited by any class other than the character's race, and is free to level up any of the different skills available.

Most experienced players use a loft of 9,5, while beginners should aim for a loft of 10 degrees or more.

The material from which the driver is made from is also important, so be sure to choose a model made from steel or titanium.

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The combination of skill choices, age, items, physical constitution, and other variables such as user titles, is what makes up the character. To learn and improve skills, Ability Points (AP) are required.

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