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Photo: Chief Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill Cody in an undated postcard, probably made in connection with Sitting Bull's appearance in Cody's Wild West show, which he joined in 1885.(NEWBERRY LIBRARY/FROM "THE FRONTIER IN AMERICAN CULTURE") Correction: February, 19, 1995, Sunday A review on Jan.The frontier has been a regular staple of the entertainment industry -- in westerns and in Disney's Frontierland, for example -- and has appeared in countless other contexts as well. Limerick sampled 4,000 recent headlines for references to "pioneer" or "frontier." She found stories about a Cookie Pioneer, a Microwave Popcorn Pioneer, Underwear Pioneers and, most memorably, a Pioneer of the South Philadelphia Hoagie.Promoters of space exploration have loved using the frontier analogy, as have politicians, ranging from John Fitzgerald Kennedy, with his vision of a New Frontier, to Ronald Reagan, with uplifting pronouncements like "We're crossing new frontiers every day." Although Ms.

Another illustration, titled "The March of Destiny" and used as the frontispiece of Col."Indians were imitating imitations of themselves," Mr. In one stage melodrama, titled "The Red Right Hand; or the First Scalp for Custer," Cody repeatedly re-enacted his duel with Yellow Hand, a Sioux warrior he had killed in an actual battle.In this and many similar scenes, Cody presented the whites' slaughter of the Indians as a justified reaction to barbarous aggression. PATRICIA NELSON LIMERICK recently had a semantic problem while teaching a survey course in American history at the University of Colorado. The "f-word," as she explains in her essay in this volume, is "frontier." For most Americans, it is a benign term that conjures up cowboys and wagon trains.Buffalo Bill made the conquest of savages central; the conquest of nature was incidental." The two men, in short, presented compelling stories, not straight facts. White's most original point is that the stories had a long background in American culture.

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Will Rogers was born to Cherokee parents in 1879 in Indian Territory, a rural backwater where Indian tribes had been sent to die, yet this Paint Clan Cherokee became internationally famous, and was even a potent force in U. politics thanks to his enormous popularity as an entertainer, from tent shows to vaudeville to radio to movies.

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