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Ivy Blair is a 105 lbs lb, 22 year old beauty from San Francisco.

She is 5'3" and her favorite position is Whatever's clever.

Inside the hoops were hung red apples (often hung from red ribbons) and a candle was either put inside the ball at the bottom or round the horizontal hoop.

The bough was finished by hanging a large bunch of mistletoe from the bottom of the ball.

But during the middle ages, greenery (including Mistletoe) was often left hanging up until Candlemas (when Christians celebrate Jesus going to the Jewish Temple as a baby) in early February!She finally has a day to herself, so she decides to roam her home freely with her sexy outfit on.Lily is greeted by the friendly cameramen who film her every move.In Germany, it is traditional that Ivy is only used outside and a piece tied to the outside of a Church was supposed to protect it from lightning!Laurel has been worn as a wreath on the head to symbolise success and victory for thousands of years. Fir and Yew trees are evergreen and so signify everlasting life with God.

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When Christianity came into Western Europe, some people wanted to keep the greenery, to give it Christian meanings but also to ban the use of it to decorate homes.