Korean culture dating customs

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If the potential partners like each other they start dating!There is also a night scene where Koreans go to special nightclubs called ‘na-i-te’ (나이트.) Korean guys go in with their friends and get a table. Korean waiters take the women to a certain table and then the two newly-met social groups interact.

If your Korean significant other has a decent job, chances are, they’re going to have to attend work dinners or even go on trips with their co-workers.

Yes you can argue that Westerners do the same but how they do it is radically different! Korean men and women grow up believing that they can only date in their social circles.

To be a guy who goes around picking up women (which is more acceptable in the West) means that he has no social circle (and must be weird or unwanted.)Koreans introduce potential partners through ‘soggaeting’ (소게팅) which is blind dating.

Understand that the dating culture of South Korea is much different than in the West.

Both how they date and what they look for in a man is different (and yet the same!

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