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Nonsedating muscle

Our study showed that after two years of treatment, the average improvement in quality of life was 90 percent and pain decreased by an average of over 50 percent. Sleep: Get adequate sleep, preferably eight to nine hours a night.Most of the benefit was seen within 100 days of treatment and after three months the majority of patients no longer even qualified for the diagnosis of fibromyalgia! Sleep replenishes the body’s energy and heals its muscles.In this disease, people are born without any pain system, and therefore without any ability to feel pain. If their hand is on a hot stove or in a fire, they don’t know it until they smell something burning.

Underlying viral, bacterial, bowel, sinus and yeast infections are common and can be a contributing cause or result of CFS/fibromyalgia. Nutritional Support: Optimal nutritional supplementation is essential.

Medications can often be combined, and it is reasonable to use a non-sedating medication like Cymbalta (antidepressant) or Skelaxin during the day in combination with a sedating medication like Neurontin or Lyrica at bedtime.

Below is the order in which I recommend adding pain medications in fibromyalgia.

So when the underlying problems that need attention have been addressed, it is very important to turn off, or mask, any pain that still persists. If your muscles do not have adequate nutrients, optimal hormone levels, or enough sleep for tissue repair, they will get stuck in the shortened position and cause pain.

Underlying infections can also cause muscles to hurt and/or get stuck in the shortened position (consider the achiness accompanying the flu).

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The hypothalamus is a small but major control center in the brain that controls sleep and hormonal function.