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Pirkei aboth online dating

Our soul's deepest desire is to move ever closer to that point.

When Torah is the common goal, then peace -- the first part of the Mishnah -- is the natural outcome.

The Talmud points out that the Hebrew words for man (ish) and woman (isha) share two identical letters (aleph, shin), and retain one unique letter each (yud for the man, hey for the woman).

The common letters (aleph, shin) spell "fire" in Hebrew.

When they both reach the top there is a true and lasting oneness between them.

That's the difference between concentrating exclusively on "the relationship" versus concentrating on the common goal, and letting the relationship flow naturally from that.

That's the difference between a predominantly relationship-centered mentality and common-goal-centered mentality.

In the latter you get the relationship too, but it comes as the result of the goal.

Peace is arguably the noblest goal anyone can pursue, especially these days.

And not only in global politics, but in our very relationships, be they in marriage, family or self.

Wars, divorce, generation gaps, Prozac -- the ideal of peace is desperately sought after on every level.

Sometimes they move closer to each other, sometimes farther apart.

Often when they get too close they repel each other.

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