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Web-rings with similar information can easily share data on their web sites to make them better and more useful.Here are some benefits of using RSS: Choose your news With RSS you can choose to view the news you want, the news that interest you and are relevant to your work.Our RSS parsing script by default shows any file attachment as just a link with a filetype and file size in bytes.Need a feed widget to display your latest blog posts, news items, Vimeo or You Tube uploads, Picasa images?To achieve that, we take the section of the code that updates the feed and turn it into a PHP function: These changes will be more useful on a high-traffic website.Otherwise if you only have a couple of visitors a day they will often not see the latest items from the RSS feed unless it's updated before being displayed.It's really easy to use and can be up on your site in minutes.

If the If there is a problem reading the cache file (and you are not surpressing PHP errors) you should see a number of warning messages.Not all RSS/Atom feeds will contain the same items so you may need to customise what is and that those files will remain there, readable, for a number of hours.Again, this is just an example of what you can do using our PHP classes (there's also code for an Atom Feed Reader) to include external feeds.The parameters at the top define the feed source, how many items to display and where and for how long to keep a local cached version of the data.

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We're using BBC News for this example simply because they have some of the friendliest Terms of Use.