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From these themes and their descriptions a collaborative working relationship resulted. Collaborative relationships between principals and school counselors: Facilitating a model for developing a working alliance. Retrieved from of Article Theory and Research Volume 14, Number 10: Person-Centered Counseling and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: An Integrative Model for School Counselors Merry Leigh Dameron, University of North Carolina at Charlotte Abstract Increasing demands upon the time of the professional school counselor combined with the call by the American School Counselor Association to provide direct services to students may lead many in the profession to wonder from what theoretical standpoint(s) they can best meet these lofty goals. Richelle Joe, University of Central Florida, and Pamela N. Family matters: An investigation of family coursework in school counseling programs. Retrieved from of Article Theory and Research Volume 14, Number 12: Evidence-Informed Recommendations to Promote Black Student Engagement Shyrea J.As a result, the principal school counselor model evolved. I propose a two phase approach combining person-centered counseling with solution-focused brief therapy as a concrete, functional method to address student counseling needs within the school setting. Harris, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Abstract School counselors are expected to form collaborative relationships with the families of students. Minton, California State University, Northridge Abstract In 2012, Black students dropped out of school at a rate of 7.5% (NCES, 2013a).Few studies, however, document the disciplinary techniques of Jamaican immigrants in the United States. Mayorga, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, and Veronica Ball, Archdiocese of San Antonio, Department of Catholic Schools Abstract The American School Counselor Association (ASCA, 2012) has identified one of the ways elementary school counselors can assist students to become successful in school is to offer small group counseling through the responsive services delivery system.This exploratory study was developed to fill this gap in the literature. Expressive arts, such as creating mandalas, provide a non-threatening approach for school counselors to support the students they serve. Mandala mornings: A creative approach for elementary school counselors. Retrieved from of Article Innovative Methods Volume 14, Number 7: Understanding Support From School Counselors as Predictors of Mexican American Adolescents’ College-Going Beliefs Javier Cavazos Vela, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Brande Flamez, Lamar University, and Gregory Scott Sparrow and Eunice Lerma, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Abstract The impact of high school counselors’ support on Mexican American adolescents’ college-going beliefs was examined. Understanding support from school counselors as predictors of Mexican American adolescents’ college-going beliefs. Retrieved from of Article Theory and Research Volume 14, Number 8: The Qualitative Impact of Adventure Based Counseling on Sixth Grade General Education Students Richard L Albright, Lee University Abstract General education, middle school students’ experience and outcomes related to their participation in adventure based counseling (ABC) were investigated through the use of qualitative research case study design.We also analyzed the specific content of each module for main themes.Strengths and weaknesses of the group were also assessed at post-test.Mark List Of Sex Cams and its FREE sex webcam sites, live adult chats, pay pornsites and famous camgirls.

Participants in the current study reported using a variety of disciplinary techniques and corporal punishment was not among the most used. An example of an early morning group using mandalas is described. Perceptions of accessibility and expectations from school counselors positively impacted college-going beliefs while perceptions of appraisal negatively impacted college-going beliefs. Analysis of interviews, researcher observations, field notes, and journaling provide key insights into ABC programming.Developmental differences and implications of the findings for counselors are discussed. Several themes emerged: defining personal growth, wellness, and clinical growth as a professional school counselor.Within each of these major themes several sub-themes exist. Supervision of school counseling students: A focus on personal growth, wellness, and development. Retrieved from of Article Theory and Research Volume 13, Number 3: What Factors Sustain Professional Growth Among School Counselors? Cook, University of Massachusetts Boston, Sara Tomek, University of Alabama, and Esmaeil Mahdavi, Robert Gracia, and Alexander H.Little empirical data exist regarding school counselors’ roles in effectively engaging and supporting JSOs toward school success. Springer, Temple University, and Dana Heller Levitt, Montclair State University Abstract Body image disturbance continues to be recognized in increasingly younger populations. Despite the growing popularity in schools, there lacks clear understanding of the school counselor role in this approach.Focus groups contributed to the consensual qualitative research (CQR) methodology, providing a framework for investigating concerns, experiences, attitudes, and beliefs related to juvenile sex offenders and school climate. Eating issues among elementary school children have become more overt and statistically prevalent in recent years. We present the perspectives of an elementary school counselor and middle school counselor engaged in starting SWPBIS programs. Professional capacity building for school counselors through school-wide positive behavior interventions and supports implementation. Retrieved from of Article Current Issues Volume 14, Number 4: Predictors of Parent Involvement and their Impact on Access of Postsecondary Education Facilitators among White and American Indian Parents Gerta Bardhoshi, University of Iowa, Kelly Duncan, Northern State University, and Amy Schweinle, University of South Dakota Abstract This study examined demographic factors as predictors of parent involvement (engagement with school, support of learning, support of child) among parents of children that attended a school implementing a college access program.

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Morrison, City University of New York - Hunter College, Delores E.

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