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Following this was a showing of (1989)—as she gave unique insight into her legendary father.

NYFA Film Studies instructor Paul Laverack, currently teaching a course on Burt Lancaster, conducted the opening presentation and moderated the discussion with Joanna Lancaster.

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in the New York Film Academy Theater to attend an evening centered on the life and work of legendary actor-producer Burt Lancaster.

The event opened with a presentation introducing Lancaster to those not yet familiar with his work.

I remember one time, we were all out at dinner, and a woman approached our table. She knelt beside my dad and told him, When the woman got up and left, my dad looked at us and wondered aloud what the hell had just happened.” She added with a knowing chuckle, “My dad had a healthy ego, and he certainly liked the attention much of the time, but he tried to stay grounded.” Lancaster was famous for doing virtually all of his own stunts across a long list of action-adventure films, and his daughter spoke about the importance physicality played in his life.

“He ran every day, at the track at UCLA.” Her father also “had this twenty-foot rope connected to the ceiling of his office, and he would scramble up the rope whenever he felt like it,” to keep his upper body strong. Lancaster smiled as she remembered her father once using that rope as a test for her would-be boyfriend, challenging the young man to climb to the top if he wanted to go on a date with Joanna. Lancaster recalled, “somehow he did it; got right up to the ceiling.” When the boy came back down, her father gave his blessing to their relationship. Lancaster concluded with a laugh, “completely squashed my desire to date the guy after that.” When the evening’s discussion was over, several students approached Ms.

In each of the paintings he attempted a different solution to the representation of the constantly changing surface of water.

At this time he also began to leave wide borders around the paintings unpainted, a practice developed from his earlier style of keeping large areas of the of California than slow drying oil paint.His film career stretched across the next half-century, and includes a number of iconic performances, such as the role of Sgt. “My father thought Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando were the pre-eminent actors of their generation,” Joanna Lancaster said during the discussion after the film.“They were the only two men whose talent intimidated him.” In response to a question from acting student Daniel Pareja about Marlon Brando—whose career intersected with her father’s at several points—Ms.The background is taken from a drawing he had made of Californian buildings.A Bigger Splash is the largest and most striking of three ‘splash’ paintings.

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Hockney first visited Los Angeles in 1963, a year after graduating from the Royal College of Art, London.

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