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They are so close, so in tune, so up to speed with each other’s lives that I feel like the third wheel on a bicycle.

They have been best friends since they met working for BBC children’s television ten years ago and, now both 29, found fame at roughly the same time.

She now lives in Southwest London; she bought her first flat aged 19.

I ask if her current home is all minimal white walls: ‘Oh no, I need stuff. ’ Fearne has turned up in a floral tea dress (her own design for Very) teamed with bovver boots.

‘I have the potential to be a bit of a slut,’ Holly nods. ‘I love my job,’ Fearne says, ‘but I didn’t sign up for the paparazzi part.

Fearne is more likely to be found in a field at a festival than on the red carpet, but they share a fearsome sense of ambition and a work ethic of the sort that can make you feel inadequate and exhausted.She and Fearne have their own lines for Very, the online department store.‘I thought I might not suit a maxi,’ she says, ‘cos I’m quite bottomy.I faint quite a lot.’ When we speak, Fearne and Holly are preparing for a trek to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, in aid of Breast Cancer Care. I do the tiniest thing I can do.’ Fearne honks with laughter, ‘I love going to the gym,’ she says.I tell Holly I’ve been critical in print of the over-the-top, lamb-dressed-as-mutton gowns she wears to host Dancing on Ice. I find it easier to dress like that than in jeans and a T-shirt. Even on dress-down days, I still like to wear a well-put-together outfit.’Holly’s mum was an air stewardess; her father worked in double glazing.

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‘It seemed natural for Holly and me to do something together because we are genuinely best friends,’ says Fearne, who is all Jennifer Aniston straight hair, with a waifish, heart-shaped face.

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